Ecommerce hosting – Launch your online store in minutes!

Ecommerce hosting

Ecommerce is booming! And don’t just take our word for it – revenue from sales are expected to reach close to 3.5 trillion dollars in 2019. With 1.9 billion people anticipated to complete an online purchase during the year, you simply can’t go wrong by starting to sell your products or services online. If you possess the entrepreneurial spirit than starting your own ecommerce website is a popular choice.

WordPress or Joomla Blog – Which one should writers choose?

WordPress or Joomla Hosting

You have decided – it’s time to start your own blog! It doesn’t matter if it is for your corporate needs or your deep love of specialty coffee, we are here to give you a word of advice on the platform you will build your blog on. One of the most popular choices is content management systems (CMS) WordPress and Joomla. Both platforms are considered user-friendly, and both are perfect for the casual blogger. Being very customizable, WordPress and Joomla are also great for the more advanced users. Thanks to the great communities behind both, you can find the plugins/extensions and themes/templates you need, as well as the resources that will take you to the next level.

100% uptime for the website, email and communication of MAP – Marketing Research

MAP Case Study Cover

With more than 25 years in the business, MAP has been a true professional in the field of Marketing Research. Being responsible for more than 600 international projects monthly, reliability of the communication service and constant availability of customer support are top priorities for the company. After enduring difficulties with the previous one, a new service provider had to be found soon – a one they could trust.

5 Tips to Improve your Website Speed in 2019

Website speed improvements tips

Every website can use a performance boost. Apart from being one of the main factors for your Google ranking, load-page time is crucial for the professional look of your business. With growing Internet speed, the patience of users is going thinner and thinner. That is why quality user experience inevitably goes through having a well-structured website with fast loading speed.

Research shows that 40% of online buyers worldwide will leave your website if it has not loaded by the 3rd second, and 47% of them are expecting that your website would have loaded by the 2nd. Tests from Google have proved that a delay of just half a second can lead to a decrease in traffic by 20%. This is the reason why search engines have prioritized the “fast loading time” as a primary factor when It comes to ranking. So these statistics lead to only one question. How can you improve your website speed?

WordPress Themes Explained for Beginners

WordPress Themes for Beginners

The theme of your WordPress determines what will be the design and layout of your website. Regardless, if you are making a custom website from scratch, using the services of a web design studio or creating it with WordPress, choosing how the website will look, building its information  architecture and buyer’s journey is one of the most difficult tasks.

Enterprise email service for MaxCard Ltd. – A smooth and reliable business communication


MaxCard Ltd. has been a staple in the production of plastic cards for the past 15 years. Having long-lasting processes of how the day-to-day operations were being handled is something the company is proud of. But when a serious challenge concerning their business communication occurred 2 years ago, a change had to be made. A dedicated email service and hosting provider was the one to save the day.

The value of content delivery networks (CDN) for your website

CDN hosting by BGOcloud

Activating a content delivery network (CDN) service is one of the best things you can do for your website. It is a technology that benefits in two aspects that are most important for every website of high quality – performance and security. Even though it is a sophisticated technology, it ultimately makes sense even for the not so tech-savvy users. It brings content closer to those who want to access it. Thus making it faster for both parties to exchange information. And the other good part of this process is that the content is stored in a secure environment, so it is safe for everyone.

LiteSpeed Web Server – the performance-boosting technology, now available for customers of BGOcloud

LiteSpeed Hosting - Blog

We are excited to announce that LiteSpeed Web Server – one of the most popular web acceleration solutions, is now available to the customers of BGOcloud! LiteSpeed – the server, acting as a drop in for Apache has been outperforming the competition for years. The superfast web server goes in place of Apache, and as a lightweight web server, it will dramatically improve your website speed and performance. Are you ready to outperform the competition with our superfast LiteSpeed hosting?
LiteSpeed Cache Solution is tailored to provide the best performance in a shared hosting environment, thus accelerating you WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, or custom website. All BGOcloud shared hosting plans and servers utilize LiteSpeed Web Server. And statistics show it is up to 800% faster than Apache while serving static website content and up to 60% faster when serving PHP requests.

Website Performance Analytics and SEO Tools for Beginners

Website Analytics and SEO Tools for Beginners

If you are building your first website or blog, website performance analytics and search engine optimization may be a complex topic for you. Whatever website you build, SEO is an important topic for its performance and your business success. In this article, we are listing some useful tools, which will make your first steps in the web analytics and SEO as simple as possible.

Building a website is just the first step. To make it successful you need to constantly analyze its performance and conduct optimizations on it. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console are a must for every website owner. Together with the usage of some other free and user-friendly tools, you can make the first steps to great SEO optimization.

Supercharge your online presence with a full-featured shared hosting plan

Image showing the shared hosting plans of BGOcloud

Choosing the right shared hosting plan may be a hard task, especially if you are a newbie with websites, content management systems and website development. In the vast sea of shared hosting providers and hundreds of web hosting plans, you need to be sure you are making the right choice of a hosting plan, which fits your budget and matches your needs.

In this article, BGOcloud hosting experts will give you practical advice on how to choose a shared hosting plan and what it should include. We will also unveil the secrets behind our hosting plans and how we tailored them to boost your online success.