Light I5 SSD

  • Ready in 10 minutes
  • Fully Automatic Process
  • No Setup Fee
  • 4 CORE I5 CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • Disk Space: 240 GB SSD
  • Server: Lenovo
  • 5 000 GB data transfer
  • Network Port: 100 Mbit/s
  • 5 usable IPv4 IP address
Price 49.00/mo*

Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $49.00 - - -
3 m. $147.00 5.59% $8.00 $139.00
6 m. $294.00 10.53% $29.40 $264.60
* 12 m. $588.00 16.22% $88.20 $499.80

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Dedicated Server - Basic

  • 1x Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU
  • Memory: 8 GB ECC
  • Disk Space: 250 GB Enterprise
  • Server: Dell PowerEdge Server
  • Network Port: 100 Mbit/s
  • IP Addresses: 1
  • Server Power Supply: 2xPSU redundant
  • IPv6 SupportNEW
Price 48.00/mo*

Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $48.00 - - -
3 m. $144.00 5.71% $8.00 $136.00
6 m. $288.00 10.60% $29.00 $259.00
* 12 m. $576.00 22.61% $117.00 $459.00

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Dedicated Server - Standard

  • 2x Intel Xeon Quad Core CPU
  • Memory: 32 GB ECC
  • Disk Space: 1x1 TB Enterprise
  • Server: Dell PowerEdge Server
  • Network Port: 100 Mbit/s
  • IP Addresses: 1
  • IPv6 SupportNEW

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We offer affordable and high-quality Dedicated Servers - physical
machines that are completely at the client’s disposal.

Impressive Performance &

This is a flexible hosting service for those who need a solution that gives more opportunities than the traditional shared hosting. Тhe client is the only one who has access to the server. And it is our obligation to collocate the servers to ensure they are located in the most reliable and secure data center.

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What Are Our Dedicated
Server Plans Suitable For?

They are perfect for high-traffic websites – eCommerce websites, online stores, websites that deal with financial transactions, large businesses or organizations that require high level of data security,
and other.

BGOcloud Brings Dedicated Servers to a Whole New Level

We provide free IPv6 with all of our Dedicated Servers, cPanel hosting, OpenVZ and KVM VPS plans.

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Why You Should Opt For Dedicated Server Hosting

If You Still Wonder Whether Dedicated Servers Are The Right Choice For Your Needs, Get Familiar With Some Of Their Benefits

Advantages of dedicated servers:

  • Unlike shared hosting, you are the only one using the
    server, so you get its full resources exclusively for yourself
  • You have more freedom of action, full control and access
    to the physical machine*
  • You get top-notch level of security
  • You gain flexibility
  • *Please, note that the process of a dedicated server setup
    takes up to 24 hours.
  • You can install programs and perform custom program
  • You get better speed and accessibility for the visitors of
    your website
  • You have a unique IP address
  • We also offer /29 /28 networks, depending on your needs

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer backup services?

You can back up your dedicated server in any way that is suitable for backing-up a Linux server.

Note: We are working on new “easy to set” Backup service, which will be available at additional cost really soon.

How often do you monitor the data centre and servers?

We monitor the availability of all our services 24/7. However, please note that users are responsible for monitoring the services running on their VPS and dedicated servers, because these services are unmanaged.

What happens if I run out of space on my hard drives?

It is possible to add another drive or change the current one at additional cost.

Note: This procedure requires a downtime of the server.

Do I get root access to my dedicated server?

All dedicated servers come with root access and the user gains full control over the machines.

Do you offer firewall?

No, we do not. Users should configure a software firewall on the server or combine it with our MikroTik CHR to gain better security.

What software can I install on my server?

As you will have root/ admin access, you will be able to install any software on your server. If the software requires a license, you are the one who should purchase and apply it.

Experience The Power Of Dedicated Servers

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