The number of websites (add-on domains) you can host into your hosting plan. Roughly how many monthly visits your web hosting package can handle. This is a soft limit and we will not stop your website when the limit is hit. For websites with more monthly visits expected, we recommend upgrading to a more powerful hosting plan for exceptional performance. Super fast RAID10 SSD storage for your website. Much better performance compared to the traditional hard drives to improve your online presence. BGOcloud hosting is powered by state-of-the-art servers. Unmetered bandwidth for your websites. Never worry for hidden charges or inaccessibility of your website due to heavy traffic. We offer a complete service for your online presence. All the hosting plans include free POP3/IMAP mailboxes. All emails are sent from a real IP adress to avoid spam lists, and be sure your communication will be always received. Get your free domain name when purchasing some of our hosting plans on a yearly basis. .com, .info, .net, or .org domains are registered for free for you and must be claimed within the first month. Free dedicated IP address with some of our hosting plans. A powerful feature for corporate users.


Start your first online store

Websites: 1

Monthly Visits: 5000

Disk Space: 10 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: 10


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $2.90 - - -
6 m. $17.40 8.38% $1.40 $16.00
* 12 m. $34.80 37.70% $11.04 $23.76
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You get a massive amount of visits and your sales are rising constantly

Websites: 20

Monthly Visits: 50000

Disk Space: 50 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: 100

Free Domain: 1


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $15.98 - - -
6 m. $95.88 18.06% $15.88 $80.00
* 12 m. $191.76 28.45% $47.76 $144.00
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Run multiple big eCommerce websites

Websites: Unlimited

Monthly Visits: 100000

Disk Space: 100 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: Unlimited

Free Domain: 1

Free IP Address: 1


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $32.98 - - -
6 m. $197.88 18.12% $32.88 $165.00
* 12 m. $395.76 28.51% $98.76 $297.00
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Included in All Drupal Hosting Plans

The free tools that go along with our top server configurations are crafted to help you further secure your website and improve its performance

  • Easy 1-Click Drupal Installation

    Softaculous one-click installer allows you to get your Drupal website running in no time. Start your work sooner than you expected!

  • Blazing Fast RAID10 SSD Storage

    Superfast SSD storage to guarantee the speed of your website. All hosting plans are crafted to provide a blazing fast performance.

  • Daily Backup

    We automatically create daily, weekly and monthly backup of your website and databases. Restore lost data or undo unwanted changes with a click of the mouse with R1soft Backup

  • Free SSL and HTTPS

    Drupal security modules are not enough. Take care of your online reputation with Let's Encrypt SSL Certificate which guarantees a secure connection between your website and its visitors.

  • Free IPv6

    Faster speed and more flexibility for your website with a free IPv6. A new level communication protocol that will improve the performance of your Drupal.

  • Free CloudFlare CDN

    Deliver the information of your webpages momentarily with CloudFlare - the advanced content-delivery network that will significantly improve the performance of your website.

Why choose Drupal Hosting from BGOcloud for your next Drupal project?

  • Everything you need included in the hosting plan

    Hosting, domain names, mailboxes, website caching, management tools and many more. Everything included in the hosting package you order. BGOcloud offers a complete hosting services and exceptional value for the money.

  • Complete account isolation

    For our Shared Hosting, we use CloudLinux OS file system CageFS to ensure your complete account and resource isolation. No more noisy neighbours or downtime caused by other users on the same server.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    To improve server security and performance, we use KernelCare, which enables fast updates without rebooting the system and automatic security updates. We safeguard your website from attacks and keep you online.

  • Free website transfer

    Using another hosting company? We will transfer your website and domain name at any time for free (available for Popular and Famous hosting plans). Get an enterprise quality hosting on an affordable price. Up and running in minutes!

site fast image

Make Your Site Fast and Secure Like Never Before

Drupal can provide you with endless web development possibilities and our hosting solutions can ensure the stability of your website. The right combination of these two services can help you achieve an enormous success. We do everything to keep your site up and running and assure that downtime is reduced to minimum. From free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates, and CloudFlare CDN to SSD storage, here you can find all the features that will guarantee the stability of your online presence. Just opt for the plan that best meets your requirements and watch your business grow!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Drupal?

Drupal is free, open-source software that allows you to create a website by managing and publishing your content. It is built in PHP and can be used to create a variety of websites - blogs, business, portfolio, ecommerce.

Why Drupal?

It is perfect for creating responsive and easy-to-use web-commerce solutions that can be accessed via any device. Additionally, it is highly focused on security, and at the same time, it is scalable enough to ensure that your website will be able to handle the number of visitors you have. The vast choice of themes is another great advantage which can spare your valuable time. This content management system gives you well-built features, and due to its flexibility you can easily adapt to the fast-changing online marketplace. With it, you can create content, manage product catalogues and categories, customize reports, launch new promotions with ease, and more.

Can a beginner user make a website with Drupal?

Drupal is considered more difficult than WordPress. This CMS platform is more famous for its flexibility and high performance, not for the ease of use.

Is Drupal customizable?

Yes, just like WordPress you can install themes and take advantage of a variety of modules (plugins). It also has its own Marketplace.

what additional drupal modules can i use?

For safety measures and in order to get the latest updates it is highly advised to do so.

Are the packages you have presented here suitable for Drupal 8?

Absolutely! Our services are suitable for this version and we also offer one-click installation of it.

Do I get a free domain?

We offer great benefits for long-term subscriptions. And free domains are just one of them. If you purchase any of our plans (excluding ‘’Launch’’) for a year, you get up to 30% off plus a domain at no cost.

I am not sure which package to choose

If you are not completely sure which package can best handle your site up and running, you can get in touch with us. We will be glad to suggest the plan we consider the most appropriate for your requirements. Of course, if due to some reason none of the plans fully meet your needs, we can craft a custom solution for you. You also have the option to upgrade or downgrade your plan or service whenever you need to, so there’s nothing to worry about.

What if I need more IP addresses?

You can easily purchase additional IP Addresses at a cost of $2 USD for each (incl. VAT). All you need to do is send us a support ticket with information about the number of IPs you want, and we will add them to your account.