R1soft Backup - Restore Points in cPanel hosting

With our affordable web hosting plans, You automatically start using backup solution based on R1soft highly reliable platform.

What are its advantages?

  • It is a free of charge backup solution;
  • Daily backup of all files and databases for your site;
  • 14 Restore points (14 days);
  • One-click restore;
  • Option to download files, folders or entire restore point to local PC

Here is a simple guide on how to use the R1soft Restore Points module.

Login to Client Area or directly to cPanel

Note: The login credentials for the Client Area and the cPanel are different, you can find your cPanel login details in the Welcome e-mail that is sent to you after the service has been purchased.

BGOcloud, Client Area, Product Details, Login to cPanel

From the cPanel home screen click on "R1Soft Restore Backups" icon:

cPanel - R1Soft Restore Backups icon

If requested, enter your cPanel credentials:

Server Backup Manager SE login

In the R1soft Control Panel you will see all available restore points created by the system.

On the right there are 4 buttons:

  • 1: Restore Point Explorer - Browse the files and folders in the restore point, there could be selected specific files to be restored or downloaded
  • 2: Database Explorer - Browse databases and select which one to restore or download
  • 3: Archive and Download entire Restore Point
  • 4: One-Click Restore - Using this option will restore the entire point back to the server, overwriting all existing files

Recovery points with cPanel

If your file or folder has been corrupted or deleted by mistake, you can restore only this file. In this case, the Restore Point Explorer should be used:

cPanel Browse Recovery Point

Select the file or folder which You want to restore:

Then click "Send Selected to Agent" to start the restoration procedure:- It is possible to download the files to your workstation, review or edit it and then manually upload it back via FTP. In that case, click on "Download Selected"

Browse Recovery Point - Send Selected to Agent

On the next screen You can just click on "Send to Agent" to proceed:

Archive Control Panel User Data

After a short time, depending on the size of the files you are restoring, the process will finish with screen like this:

Control Panel User Task - Summary tab

In the "Task" tab you can find additional information about the completed restoration:

Control Panel User Task - Task tab

In case You want to download a previous version of files or folders available in the restore points, You can do it by selecting "Download Selected" in the Restore Point Explorer, the process is similar, but instead of overwriting files to the server, the system will create zip or gz archive and save it to your download director. From the Initial screen you can click on "Download" button right away and the default naming and archive options will be applied and the download process will start immediately. If You like to customize the archive, click "Next":

Download stored files - Introduction

Select File Type:

Download stored files - File Type

Select filename:

Download stored files - Download Filename

Review the settings and click "Download":

Download stored files - Summary

In case You need to restore a corrupted or deleted database, from the main restore point menu, select button 2: "Database Explorer":Select the DB you want to restore and click "Restore

Selected" button:

Browse Databases

Review the restoration process:

Details for Database Restore

Ensure maximum security for your website with R1Soft’s high-performing server backup solution.

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