The number of websites (add-on domains) you can host into your hosting plan. Roughly how many monthly visits your web hosting package can handle. This is a soft limit and we will not stop your website when the limit is hit. For websites with more monthly visits expected, we recommend upgrading to a more powerful hosting plan for exceptional performance. Super fast RAID10 SSD storage for your website. Much better performance compared to the traditional hard drives to improve your online presence. BGOcloud hosting is powered by state-of-the-art servers. Unmetered bandwidth for your websites. Never worry for hidden charges or inaccessibility of your website due to heavy traffic. We offer a complete service for your online presence. All the hosting plans include free POP3/IMAP mailboxes. All emails are sent from a real IP adress to avoid spam lists, and be sure your communication will be always received. Get your free domain name when purchasing some of our hosting plans on a yearly basis. .com, .info, .net, or .org domains are registered for free for you and must be claimed within the first month. Free dedicated IP address with some of our hosting plans. A powerful feature for corporate users.


Start your first WordPress blog

Websites: 1

Monthly Visits: 5000

Disk Space: 10 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: 10


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $3.90 - - -
6 m. $23.40 10.81% $2.40 $21.00
* 12 m. $46.80 22.33% $9.40 $37.40
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Build a successful WordPress online store

Websites: 20

Monthly Visits: 50000

Disk Space: 50 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: 100

Free Domain: 1


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $10.90 - - -
6 m. $65.40 10.46% $6.50 $58.90
* 12 m. $130.80 22.92% $26.90 $103.90
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Run multiple big WordPress projects

Websites: Unlimited

Monthly Visits: 100000

Disk Space: 100 GB

Bandwidth: Unlimited

Mailboxes: Unlimited

Free Domain: 1

Free IP Address: 1


Prices and Discounts

Billing cycle Price Discount You save New Price
1 m. $14.90 - - -
6 m. $89.40 9.98% $8.50 $80.90
* 12 m. $178.80 22.32% $35.90 $142.90
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Why WordPress?

You want to create a website easily but have no coding or design background? Well, then WordPress is the right choice for you! It is the most widely used open source platform with simple interface and powerful features that makes building a website from scratch hassle-free (as long as you know how to use a computer mouse). You can choose from a wide variety of themes and plugins that are suitable for any kind of business, portfolio, or blog. You can create galleries, store documents, and a lot more.

With WordPress, you also benefit from anti-spam protection, advanced SEO tools, and site statistics that help your business expand day by day. Considering all the great benefits mentioned above and a lot more, it’s quite obvious why 28% of the web uses WordPress.

Make Use of Our WordPress Tutorials

WordPress helps you present your business ideas with the help of beautiful and functional websites. In order to facilitate your needs and help you start your online business faster, we have prepared a step-by-step guide on how to create a website with WordPress.

In our Knowledge Base, you will also find a variety of other topics that answer any question you may have.

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Scalable SSD WordPress Hosting Services
For All Types of Needs


Speed, security, and reliability are some of the most important factors when choosing a WordPress hosting plan.

With BGOcloud you have all this covered. We know that the right choice of a plan can make or break a new business which is why we offer subscriptions that grow according to your needs. Begin with a affordable ssd WordPress hosting plan and move to a more powerful one when your website audience grows.

If you are not completely sure which one of our plans will best suit your needs, you can always contact us for professional advice. Or, we can design a custom plan that best matches your needs and requirements.

With Our Optimized Hosting Plans You Also Get

  • Amazing speed

    - All plans are based on the cutting-edge
    SSD technology
    , which improves the delivery of data on
    your website by up to 300%.
  • Top-notch security

    - CloudLinux OS file system CageFS
    ensures the protection of our clients’ sensitive information
    by encapsulating each of them
    and thus preventing them from a variety of attacks.
  • Free SSL Certificates

    - You can easily convert your
    websites from http:// to https:// with the free Let’s Encrypt
    SSL Certificates
    that we offer. They will be automatically
    generated within 24 hours.
  • 24/7 customer & technical support

    - Our skilful team is always
    ready to resolve your issues instantly and efficiently. Just contact
    us and we will provide you with the assistance you need!
  • Daily backup

    - Our plans come with a great backup solution
    based on R1soft
    highly reliable platform (14 days retention with
    daily restore points).
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Interested in Custom WordPress Development Services?

With our affordable hosting services, you get the proven performance, reliability, and functionality that your website needs. But, if you want a unique website that best represents your business online, we can help with that as well. BGO Software creates stunning themes and plugins that are fully consistent with our clients’ preferences and ideas. Our experienced web designers and developers have individual approach to each project and that’s how we reach exceptional customer satisfaction rates. Get in touch with our team to discuss the details of your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WordPress hosting?

Specialized type of web hosting optimized for WordPress websites.

Benefits of WordPress hosting:

Faster speed: Servers are optimized for WordPress, which ensures faster page loading.

Better security: Features are included to protect against malware and hacker attacks.

Easier management: Control panels are designed for easy use with WordPress.

How can I setup WordPress?

To help you complete the manual installation process easy and fast, we have prepared a comprehensive and detailed tutorial. You can follow the steps that are listed in the following article: Manual Installation of WordPress

Do you offer free migration?

Yes, you can transfer your website/s from another host to us absolutely for free. Since we support a wide range of PHP versions (from 4.4 to 7.4.), which you can change with just a few clicks, it’s guaranteed you won’t face any challenge.

In case you need assistance with this process, all you need to do it contact us and give us the details such as the number of sites you would like to migrate, how big they are, etc.

How are WordPress updates managed?

You will be informed via email notification that there is an available update, and if you’d like, you may update your WordPress and plugins to their latest version.

Which plan to choose?

The most popular choice is the "Mainstream" plan, but if it doesn't meet your needs, you can choose another one or contact us for professional advice and a custom plan tailored to your requirements.

Can I get a free domain?

Absolutely! We offer great benefits for long-term subscriptions. And free domains are just one of them. If you purchase any of our plans (excluding ‘’Launch’’) for a year, you get up to 30% off plus a domain at no cost. It sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it!

Which platform do you use for accounts management?

Our account management system is based on the popular and easy to use platform cPanel.

How can I improve WordPress security?

Some of the best practices concerning your website’s protection include:

Regularly update your WordPress files and plugins to their latest version.

Secure admin area by restricting the access to it.

Always choose a strong password.

Change your username to something different and more complicated than just ‘’admin’’. You can make these changes after logging into your cPanel account – phpMyAdmin icon in the Database section. Then, locate your WordPress database and choose ‘’_users’’ table. A list of the registered users in your site will appear. When you find the ‘’admin’’ username you can edit it. Then, locate the ‘’user_login’’ field and replace its value from ‘’admin’’ to the new login name you have chosen. After clicking on the ‘’GO’’ button, the changes you have made will be saved.

Keep an eye on your computer’s security – make sure that it is completely protected from viruses and malware software.

Can you provide more details about the daily backup solution?

Our hosting plans include a reliable daily backup based on R1soft. A retention period of 14 days with daily restore points provides an additional layer of security.

What sets your SSD technology apart and how does it contribute to website speed?

Our hosting plans utilize cutting-edge SSD technology that enhances your website's data delivery by up to 300%. This ensures faster loading, improving the speed and efficiency of your WordPress website.

Can you explain the process of obtaining and implementing the free SSL Certificates?

Within 24 hours of purchase, the certificates are generated automatically, and your websites transition from HTTP to HTTPS.