Website Performance Analytics and SEO Tools for Beginners

Website Analytics and SEO Tools for Beginners

If you are building your first website or blog, website performance analytics and search engine optimization may be a complex topic for you. Whatever website you build, SEO is an important topic for its performance and your business success. In this article, we are listing some useful tools, which will make your first steps in the web analytics and SEO as simple as possible.

Building a website is just the first step. To make it successful you need to constantly analyze its performance and conduct optimizations on it. Using tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console are a must for every website owner. Together with the usage of some other free and user-friendly tools, you can make the first steps to great SEO optimization.

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Supercharge your online presence with a full-featured shared hosting plan

Image showing the shared hosting plans of BGOcloud

Choosing the right shared hosting plan may be a hard task, especially if you are a newbie with websites, content management systems and website development. In the vast sea of shared hosting providers and hundreds of web hosting plans, you need to be sure you are making the right choice of a hosting plan, which fits your budget and matches your needs.

In this article, BGOcloud hosting experts will give you practical advice on how to choose a shared hosting plan and what it should include. We will also unveil the secrets behind our hosting plans and how we tailored them to boost your online success.

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Top 6 WordPress Plugins to have on your website in 2019

Which are the absolute top WordPress plugins that are behind the success of websites running on everyone’s favorite CMS platform? This is one of the most common discussions among developers and fans of the platform. The term “civilized discussion” can quickly be forgotten if two SEO specialists start the “Yoast vs. All in One Pack” talk. So instead of comparing the greats in every plugin category, we will list the essentials. The must-haves. Those plugins you install immediately after configuring your WordPress installation. Your website’s “best friends” if you will. Let’s begin.

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Expert WordPress Design And Development

Wordpress Design And Development

For the last few years the use of wordpress in web and blog development has become quite common. WordPress offers a simple and flexible solution to create and manage websites and to be honest, millions of people have used the platform to establish and build their online presence very effectively.

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Cheap WordPress Hosting

There is no doubt finding a top hosting service for blogs or website is quite crucial but then again, your budget might not really be enough. This simply means that you have to save while still working with a top cheap wordpress hosting service. But is that possible? Many of the leading hosting companies are quite expensive. Well, it is possible and in fact, here are some simple tips to help you secure the right affordable WordPress hosting for your website:

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Benefits of WordPress SSD Hosting For Online Based Businesses

Wordpress ssd hosting | BGOcloud

Establishing an online presence is something that takes years and it’s never easy. However, wordpress has been offering a simple platform for people to create quality websites, improve their brands, increase sales, and compete effectively with people in their niche. However, despite all these major success wordpress hosting is the only thing that can make or break your online businesses. Hosting is necessary if you want to improve your website and its ability to make money online. With top providers such as BGOcloud, it shouldn’t be a problem to get what you want. Here are some of the advantages reliable wordpress SSD hosting can offer you.

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Features To Look For In The Best WordPress Hosting Services

If you are serious about establishing a strong online presence, quality wordpress hosting is indeed a big necessity for you. WordPress offers a simple platform to create and manage websites but you can only fully benefit from the content management system if you have the best possible hosting service. There are many great wordpress web hosting companies and this makes it easy for you to find a reliable provider. Companies such as BGOcloud have done really well in recent years and the packages available will definitely help. In any case, here are some of the features you need to look for in the best wordpress hosting companies:

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Is Optimized WordPress Hosting Worth It

optimized wordpress hosting

Optimized wordpress hosting is meant to provide website owners with an added advantage over the normal hosting service. However, the big question that tends to cloud the decision of moving to an optimized wordpress hosting service is whether the whole thing is worth it. Remember optimized hosting will cost almost twice the normal hosting costs so if you are going to pay that kind of money on a hosting service, it should really have a lot of value. To be honest optimized wordpress hosting is not for everyone but then again, here are some of the benefits it offers:
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What Is the Best Server for WordPress Hosting

Best Server Wordpress Hostin | BGOcloud

The quality of wordpress hosting is directly interlinked or related with the kind of server used. Websites are hosted on servers and people can access them from there. Every server is different and comes with very unique specs. However, many hosting providers have some of the most powerful servers for web hosting. In that case, the question rarely is how powerful the server is, but how well you should utilize it for your website. Here are some of the different wordpress hosting server options and their advantages:

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Business Hosting Options Available

WordPress websites for businesses need very powerful hosting(also called Business hosting). The truth is business sites anticipate a lot of traffic and when you consider the advanced plugins and features that may be integrated into a business wordpress site, it is absolutely critical to secure the most powerful hosting for it. Custom wordpress business hosting is available today. However, the challenge is determining which the best packages are. Here are some of the best hosting options for business sites developed and managed through wordpress:
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