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Fast, secure, and exceptional hosting plans are just some general terms that scratch on the surface of the BGOcloud benefits we offer to you, our clients. Knowing that we are trusted by thousands of people across the globe, our goal has extended far beyond simply providing “just another space on the market” for storing and building websites. We strive for flexibility in our hosting plans, for diversity in services, for support whenever customers need it, making the transition or the getting-started process a lot easier.

Yet, what exactly are the pillars that we build our commitment and hosting services on? What is it that we bring to you so you get everything you need to power your website and business?

Conquering The World With A WOW-Ing Average Global Speed

Top-tier hosting services are difficult to achieve. 1. Because the market is overfilled. 2. Because covering the basics now is not enough. And by “the basics” we refer to features like disk space, bandwidth, uptime, and so forth. For this reason, we focus on the “how-much part” – how much bandwidth a top-tier hosting service provider must provide; how much disk space is needed for a full service and for scoring 100% customer satisfaction, how much uptime can we guarantee. And the answer to these questions is – the maximum!

For instance, in a recent survey that we carried out among some of our clients, they say that speed is what shoots BGOcloud in the clouds. After all, one of the greatest BGOcloud benefits is that have an average global speed of the WOW-ing 107ms. Just for the record, according to one of the most recent Bitcatcha report calculates and rates the Average Global Speed like this:

  • Server speed below 180ms is good
  • 181ms – 840ms is moderate
  • 840ms and above, needs improvement

They go to further clarify that the ideal speed rating for a server speed result should be 180ms and below in order to be fast enough and responding to current standards.

So, yes, BGOcloud scores 107ms!

Expanding Our Market + Outreach –> We Are Now In The States!

Two weeks ago, we reached another milestone in what BGOcloud does by offering MikroTik service location in the USA as well. Previously, we only provided MikroTik CHR to the UK and EU. But we’re going big this time.

Once again, what sets us apart is that the MikroTik CHR service gets you an SSH access that is up and running with a few clicks. The goal here is to enable you to create, route and secure your very own virtual network in the easiest possible way.

To clarify what this means for the USA clients:

  • Getting USA based IP addresses
  • Benefiting from better and faster speed
  • Scoring Lower network latency
  • Achieving greater price-to-performance ratio
  • Relying on more secured business and client-side routing

All The Hosting Service Types and Virtual Routers You Need In One Place

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We’ve packed all types of hosting solutions (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal), High-Performance VPS Hosting Plans at an affordable price, global-wide MikroTik VPS, Dedicated servers, a Domain Name Configurator, 24/7 support and more.

If you’re looking for top-tier site hosting tools like the ability to host unlimited domains, create unlimited email addresses, databases, and FTP accounts – we have it all. Aiming at being unlimited in what BGOcloud can offer, we have ‘harvested’ the best possible hosting team and support that guarantee things like:

Learning Resources, Ongoing Setup Tips & Tricks, Mindful Cyber-Security Recommendations & More BGOcloud benefits

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We realize that your website is not just text, images, databases, videos, emails, etc. There is a person or several people behind it. And sometimes you or they may require reliable resources to learn from and take notes. One of the key differentiators that current clients highlight between BGOcloud and the rest is the constant stream of useful information that we share – additional steps, how-to tutorials, videos, or any other experienced know-how-it-is-done point of view that guide them through different processes.

For more information, simply have a look at our Knowledge Base.

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