5 MikroTik Things You Must Know: Facts, Tips, Tricks, And More

key mikrotik things to know

In the last couple of years, relying on and using MikroTik CHR has become one of the best ways to create, route and secure your very own virtual network. While considered to be an industry-favorite hardware company, MikroTik undoubtedly offers a lot of benefits, but it also has a few things to wrap your head around. Some great others tricky.

So, in this piece we will cover the 5 most important MikroTik things you must know. Topics to be discussed:

  • MikroTik in a nutshell
  • What is MikroTik RouterOS
  • What is MikroTik CHR
  • Facts, benefits, tips and tricks

MikroTik – What It Is?

MikroTik is a Latvian-based hardware company that produces networking hardware and software, including modems, network switches, and a few server devices. But the flagship of the company is the routers. Having a unique operating system RouterOS, it delivers a full suite of the best-in-class features for an ISP. With all of its benefits, MikroTik soon started to offer RouterOS independently.

A Little Bit More About MikroTik RouterOS

In essence, this is the operating system of MikroTik RouterBOARD hardware that has the purpose to modify any computer system into a reliable MikroTik router device. The straightforward functionality of the RouterOS builds on key things like easy configuration, routing, firewall, bandwidth management, wireless access point, hotspot gateway, proxy, VPN, MPLS, and various other tools.

How About MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router?

MikroTik CHR by BGOcloud

MikroTik CHR is a feature-rich network router that operates as a virtual machine and runs in virtual environments like VPS, virtual machines, the cloud. Its main idea is to turn the remote server of users into a router so they can build VPN servers, secure them, and more.

As part of our knowledge base, we prepared a detailed guide to Running Mikrotik CHR For the First Time and Setting A Default Password. Go on and check it out to see the steps so you can do it properly.

Let’s Talk Facts, Benefits, Tips & Tricks

  1. Not just with the best-in-class features but with devices for different purposes too

MikroTik launches new lines of products on a continuous basis, so they fit any purpose and scenario. From starter kits like SXT LTE6 with advanced LTE chip design and high-gain antenna to upgraded versions of popular heavy-duty routers. The best thing about it is that everything is configurable and super monitorable. There is also support for all routing protocols, SNMP, etc.

  1. But you mustn’t restore backup files from a different MikroTik to CHR

One tricky thing about MikroTik is that you mustn’t try to restore .backup files from a different MikroTik to CHR. Backup files are intended to be used only on the device or the instance where they have been created. If you want to migrate settings, use “export” but always check for specific lines that may lock you out of the CHR before importing it.

  1. Firewall configuration taken seriously

Another important thing you must know about MikroTik is that having proper firewall configuration on your routers is mandatory. This will reduce cyber-attacks and incorrectly formatted connections.

  1. The myth about rebooting

One of the biggest misconceptions is that a problem disappears after reboot. However, this is not applicable or true to all scenarios and cases. Reboot, for example, can clear DNS cache. But in order to see what rebooting has done or can do in your case, you must first consider what is configured on your device, then what is being cleared. And finally, trace the real reason.

  1. BGOcloud is considered a leader in providing Mikrotik Cloud Based Routers

With 4 different MikroTik CHR plans to choose from, automatic setup process, easy MikroTik license activation, the best support and additional learning resources, we strive to deliver a virtual MikroTik router with SSH access that can be up and running with a few clicks.


  • for a VPN concentrator
  • for a Web Proxy
  • to make your connection more secure and reliable – you can use the following protocols for your MikroTik Cloud Hosted Router: pptp, l2tp, openVPN, SSTP
  • to create different tunnels, through which the whole encrypted traffic can be transmitted

And as of last week, we expanded our server locations (previously being UK and EU only), providing MikroTik services in the USA. What does that mean for clients in this part of the world?

  • USA based IP addresses
  • Better and faster speed
  • Lower network latency
  • Greater price-to-performance ratio
  • More secured business and client-side routing

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