WordPress or Joomla Blog – Which one should writers choose?

WordPress or Joomla Hosting

You have decided – it’s time to start your own blog! It doesn’t matter if it is for your corporate needs or your deep love of specialty coffee, we are here to give you a word of advice on the platform you will build your blog on. One of the most popular choices is content management systems (CMS) WordPress and Joomla. Both platforms are considered user-friendly, and both are perfect for the casual blogger. Being very customizable, WordPress and Joomla are also great for the more advanced users. Thanks to the great communities behind both, you can find the plugins/extensions and themes/templates you need, as well as the resources that will take you to the next level.

Ease of use

There is nothing to be scared of when starting your WordPress/Joomla journey. There is a learning curve to both, but with its convenient admin panels, there isn’t much to be confused by (unlike Drupal). This is a major reason why both platforms are leading in the CMS market. Both have been around for more than 14 years and have constantly been upgraded.

Installing these two CMS giants is easy with one-click installation software like Softaculous (available in your cPanel). BGOcloud supports auto-installer in both WordPress hosting and Joomla hosting plans. After that, you will encounter the admin panel where you will be navigating everything you have at your disposal. Joomla’s panel, however, is not that simplified as WordPress’ and it might take you a bit longer to move around it like a true pro.


This factor is, of course, correlated to the extent of how the platforms are maintained by the user. On-time updates and further protection with the help of additional plugins are an absolute must when running a blog on either CMS. Considering the core software of Joomla and WordPress – they are secure. However, according to Sucuri’s data, Joomla websites have been hacked more times relative to the market share of the platform. On the other hand, WordPress websites are the primary target for hackers and bots, looking for random websites to attack. Regardless, if the human factor (i.e. you) has their WordPress or Joomla properly set-up, then the blog should be safe.

Themes and plugins (or if you prefer Extensions and Templates)

First of – to make the distinction. In the WordPress world, the add-ons that improve the functionality of your blog are called plugins while the layout and design are called themes. Meanwhile, Joomla calls these extensions and templates.

With WordPress, the choices are drastically more. At the official WordPress.org plugin section, you can find more than 50,000 plugins to choose from, that serve all kinds of different functions. Anything you can think of…there is a plugin for it (or so to speak). The market of themes is vast and there are many external websites that have their main business in creating quality ones. The demand is so great that you can find an excellent theme for cheap – or even sometimes for free. Famous page builders like Divi and Elementor are also an easy way to create a beautiful looking and functional website.

Currently, Joomla has close to 10,000 extensions in the official library. The situation with the templates can a bit trickier, however. Here the really good ones are premium. The two main template types are front-end and back-end templates. The former customize the website and the latter the admin panel. In conclusion, because it’s lesser popularity Joomla has quite fewer templates and extensions to choose from in comparison to WordPress.

WordPress or Joomla Blog

After going through the key points, it is time to look at the factor that concerns bloggers. To begin with, WordPress makes the clear distinction between “blog posts” and “static pages”, while Joomla has just the “article” type that can be transformed with categories. The original idea of WordPress has been to be designed as a blogging platform. The platform is also famous for benefits regarding SEO. Blogs built on WordPress have a slightly better chance of a good ranking on search engine results. The intuitive and simple style of the content management field for WordPress is what drives more and more bloggers to prefer the popular CMS. Joomla is often described as intended for more complex web projects. It can give you good structure flexibility but based on the simplicity of usage, which is what most bloggers desire we believe, it is not the preferred one.

So, WordPress or Joomla blog? To sum up, WordPress is a worldwide favorite when it comes to creating great blogs very quickly. Simple & effective, and you will be writing posts about your favorite gardening in no time. Joomla is a CMS platform that is perfect for more complex projects like forums, membership oriented websites and online stores. However, the blogging king is still WordPress.

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