Importance of Keeping your Website Content Up-to-date (+ Fresh Ideas)

Website Content

No one likes a website that has its last piece of original content dating back a year and a half ago. This is a sure way of getting your website quickly forgotten even by its once-loyal visitors. In the information age, there is an abundance of available sources and make no mistake – your visitors will soon become someone else’s if you don’t take the right steps. Besides that, search engine crawlers will not be forgiving to a not frequently updated website. You will soon find yourself in results pages where people just don’t go to.

A frequent occurrence for the lack of updates is the “content creators’ block” in which you can’t seem to come up with anything new. For that, we might have some fresh ideas for you later on. So how to keep your website content up-to-date? We start with an obvious but a necessary tip.

Do You Even Have a Blog?

We really hope the answer to that question is yes. But in case it isn’t we are just going to name just a few reasons why you should have one. First and foremost, the long-term benefits to the SEO are unmatched. From this, you naturally gain traffic to your website, which in turn can make you into somewhat of a specialist in your field. Give value and you get customers for your business. So, gather your solid group of copywriters and get to work. Having a successful blog is a long and sometimes overwhelming process but the benefits are immense. Today it is easy to start your own business blog with platforms like WordPress and Joomla. Now that we made sure you have your blog set-up let’s, move forward.

Always be Planning

It’s important to create a strategy and a plan for whichever type of content you are going to publish. And even more important than that is sticking to that strategy and plan. A monthly schedule of blog posts, videos, infographics, and whitepapers will help you stay organized and look at the bigger picture. Define your audience beforehand, and make that plan for them. Speak in their language in all your content formats. And do that speaking while thinking firstly about talking to real people. SEO and keyword placements are important but no one will read your text if it is written solely for machines.

A piece of good advice when doing the planning is to look carefully at which are the appropriate moments to include a sales proposal or a particular offer. You can’t do it all the time but you can’t go without it either. Find the correct ratio between value-giving content that will get you traffic and the content that will drive your sales. When making your planning schedule get other members of your team to take a look at it and decide that if the content is mixed well enough.

Give Second Life to your Website Content

It is a shame seeing old material that has been given a lot of thought and labor to in the past, dying off just like that. Remember that if this happens it is largely your fault and not “visitors just stopped seeing it”. There are many ways to keep up your content with the times. Firstly, you have to make sure it is still relevant. You customers rely on your information and you don’t want to give them an outdated one. Information is always changing and it not that difficult to update your blog post with the latest statistics and trends.

A good method of updating your older content is to revisit them every time you link that piece in a new post. This way you are sure to be linking to relevant content in your newest post and updating the old one. Doing this you also get content that you can safely re-share on your social media feed. Or maybe something that was not so relevant back in the days is popping up now but you happen to be the first one that wrote about it back in 2017. Share it so that everyone else besides you know that of your prophetic skills!

As Promised: Fresh Website Content Ideas!

You are stuck in the limbo of never-ending blog posts and same old boring social media posts? Let’s think of something new that can excite your audience again. Something that can give value and boost traffic to your website as a result. Here are 3 ideas that you can start working on today:

  • Step-By-Step Product Demonstration – This idea is product specific but if you think you can pull off a short demonstration video, then, by all means, go ahead. It is perhaps one of the most effective ways of creating a desire for the customer to hold the same product in their hands. Make it entertaining and show all the benefits of your proposition. If possible, add a bit of “How it’s made” element in the video and show a snippet of the behind-the-scenes process of making the product. It makes it a tad bit more interesting and presents the high-quality materials it is made from.
  • A Live Webinar – What you need to do first is to choose an interesting and trending topic within your industry. Make sure you have a person who is well-educated on the topic and is willing to comply. He or she could be a guest who is also interested in promoting its own brand. Gather up the audience with a Facebook event and share it among each other’s channels. You could also lure online attendees to register before a certain date and in return provide them with a special offer. During the webinar keep your audience engaged and motivate them to ask questions. Once you give them value they are much more likely to become your customers.
  • Case Study or an Influencer Collaboration – The case study is a great way for you to present how your product or service is able to fix a real-life problem. For that, you would need the collaboration of one of your trusted clients. Conduct an interview with them and make them provide answers that would interest your audience. The created exposure will be beneficial for that client as well. Check-out our latest case study we did with a client of ours. If your product or service is not suitable for a case study, try finding social media influencers in your field. Perhaps you know a friend or a colleague who has a massive following on Instagram. If the demographic is right, ask them for a post that is connected to your business and present your product in the hands of the influencer. Approaching these “social media stars” however, can be costly so you might need to prepare a hefty sum.

Don’t let your website die down because of inactivity. Shake up the content calendar with fresh ideas, plan ahead, take care of your older content and always keep the blog up-to-speed with what is important in the industry. Website content is king and whoever hasn’t understood that yet, can quickly lose clients (or not find them at all).

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