Enterprise email service for MaxCard Ltd. – A smooth and reliable business communication


MaxCard Ltd. has been a staple in the production of plastic cards for the past 15 years. Having long-lasting processes of how the day-to-day operations were being handled is something the company is proud of. But when a serious challenge concerning their business communication occurred 2 years ago, a change had to be made. A dedicated email service and hosting provider was the one to save the day.

About MaxCard Ltd

Founded in 2003, MaxCard Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of plastic cards. After manufacturing them, the company sells large quantities globally. Being in constant contact with their international clients is most important. High-volume communication, often involving big graphics files, is done on a daily basis. The high-speed and secure business communication is a top priority for MaxCard. The constant availability of their corporate website is another.

The Challenge

Their own server couldn’t handle all the data along with the backups of the emails. In addition to that, the system administrator felt he was falling behind in terms of security. The overall lack of reliability of the server meant one thing. The company had no choice but to move to a dedicated email server and to trust their website to a hosting solution.

BGOcloud was happy to be the external solution that MaxCard needed. After our specialist executed the migration to our infrastructure, the successful partnership between both sides has been maintained and improved upon.

Ivaylo Efremov, IT Manager of MaxCardBGOcloud is a young company with a lot of energy. They are ready to give their client the very best that is on the current market. We have a hosting provider that is always willing to go the extra mile in order for everything to go according to plan.” – Ivaylo Efremov, IT Manager of MaxCard Ltd

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