Easy installation of Wordpress using the new Wordpress Toolkit

You bought a new domain and want to create a beautiful website by yourself. WordPress platform is an easy solution. In BGOCloud you can and easily install WordPress as well.

With the new WordPress Toolkit, you can easily manage, backup, and secure your new WordPress site. Mainstream and greater plans have WordPress Toolkit Deluxe included.

First, log in to your cPanel account. Then click on Build a website.
BGOcloud cPanel welcome screen: Build a website

Alternatively, you can access the WordPress Toolkit under Domains.
cPanel - Domain: Wordpress toolkit

Then click on Install WordPress.
Wordpress Toolkit UI - cPanel

WordPress Toolkit takes care with generating the usernames and passwords for WP admin and database, database name, and prefix for the table. However, we still need to set the website title and installation directory.

Leave the installation path empty, change the Website title, and select plugin/theme set. You can see what each set includes by clicking on the info button next to the setting. These plugins themes will be installed with your site. Then if needed, you can change the generated username, password, and mail. Then click on Automatic Update Settings.
cPanel - WP config general

We recommend setting the automatic update to “Defined individually, but security updates are autoinstalled”. After that click on Install and wait for the installation procedure to finish.
WP config auto-update - cPanel

After It’s finished, you can install additional themes and plugins through the WordPress Toolkit by clicking on Install Plugins.
finished install in cPanel
Wordpess plugins page

And that’s it. Check our cPanel hosting plans

Finding secure WordPress hosting with 24/7 support can give you an advantage over the competition. Don’t miss the chance to be one step ahead.

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