How to access my cPanel interface

How to access my cPanel control interface?

There are several ways to accomplish this.

The easiest way:
After your hosting order is completed and the domain name points to our server (Done automatically if registered a domain with us along the hosting), the cPanel is accessible on URL based on your domain name with "/cpanel" appended after it.
For example, if your domain is "", the cPanel will be accessed on this URL: ""
On the login window, You should enter the username and password generated by the system and sent to your mail, when the order is completed.
Please note that the mail/password used to sign up for BGOcloud will not work here. Every hosting service has separate username/password generated automatically!

One other way is to login in our Client Area:

After login, click on "Products/Services"

Then select the desired hosting (if there is more than one):

From here, just click on "Login to cPanel"

Opt for hosting services with user-friendly client area.

Get Started!

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