Adding existing WordPress Installations in WordPress Toolkit


In this article, we'll show you how to add your existing WordPress installations to WordPress Toolkit.

When you manage your websites with WordPress Toolkit, you take advantage of:

  • Smart and automatic plugin, theme, and WordPress core updates
  • Better security for your website
  • Easier access to your WordPress admin panel and database
  • Easier plugin and theme management
  • Easier website backups, restoring, transfers, and cloning
  • Website staging for testing code, updates, and upgrades
  • Password protection, so only you can access your website
  • and many more...

To add WordPress installations to the WordPress toolkit, go to Domains > WordPress Toolkit
WordPress Toolkit button

Then click on Scan
WPT Scan button

After the scan is finished, all your WordPress installations from your account should appear, ready to be managed.
The existing site

If you installed WordPress using Softaculous 1-click install, then you need to unlink your installation from Softaculous WordPress Manager to prevent conflicts.

To do that, go to Software > WordPress Manager by BGOcloud
Softaculous WordPress Manager button 

Then expand your site and click on Remove
Softaculous website unlinking

Then make sure nothing is checked and click on Remove Installation, and then OK.
Removing WP installation


And that's it. You will receive mail from us, that your website is removed, but as long as you haven't checked anything, your site is intact.

Now you can manage your WordPress installations with WordPress Toolkit.

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