Wordpress Features

Its limitless nature can be expanded as much as you want. As a result, this allows you to gain complete control over the WordPress software so you can feel free to do whatever you decide. That‘s the beauty in it! And because there are numerous features that WordPress can offer to a user, we are listing the ones that truly make a difference.

  • Responsive website designs

WordPress delivers a rich choice of full-packed themes that can really enhance the appearance of your website. They arrive with content, visual and user interface consistency all of which are must-have for any successful website.

  • Easy to use

To use WordPress you don’t have to be an expert with sufficient experience in writing codes. Most users get comfortable with the basics without any training at all. Picking up the essentials is a matter of minutes.

  • Proven quality and popularity

At the core of WordPress lays its integrity. In fact, more than two-thirds of the best sites on the Internet speak for its quality. Leading content publishers from large to small companies, organizations and so on, including NY Times and CNN, put their trust in the viability of WordPress.

  • Vibrant community of users

With a library of more than 20,000 free, open-source plug-ins and themes growing each day, WordPress becomes the most supported platform by countless users around the globe.

  • Distraction Free Writing

The flawless and super convenient nature of WordPress absorbs you completely and lets you write without any distractions like e-mails, tweets, texts or pop-up messages. It allows you to focus on your ideas and explore your imagination and creativity, so that you can produce something unique.

  • Preserves information

WordPress won’t let you lose your work because it automatically saves your work while you write. You don’t have to worry in case your computer unexpectedly shuts down. Your piece will be there. And if you want to return to a previous version, you can do that with a single click of the mouse.

  • Scheduling

WordPress gives you the option to schedule your posts for later or lets you backdate a post for some time in the past. Convenient, isn‘t it?

  • Mobile applications

WordPress has mobile applications for Android, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Phone 7, even WebOS. So whatever device you hold in your hand, you can use it to publish or review your pieces.

  • Private posts

You can set passwords to particular posts and you can hide them from the public. You can also make private posts which can be seen only by their author.

  • Multi-page style

If you think that your post is too long for a page, don’t worry. WordPress gives you the option to cut it up into several pages, so your readers don't have to go to the end of the world in order to see the final paragraph or section.

  • Drafts

WordPress allows you to save your unfinished posts. This way you can review them once again, improve them later and finally, when all of this is done, you can press the “Publish” button.

  • Preview

Before you publish your piece, you can check at the preview for the article to make sure that everything is the way you want it.

  • Superb organization

You can organize your content by day, month, year, or by author, category, subject and so on. You name it. WordPress also creates browsable archives so everything stays updated all the time.

  • Search

WordPress delivers excellent search. Every written word is searchable which gives you the advantage to have content that can be easily found, while users benefit from the convenience to find out just the content they need.

  • Feeds

WordPress associates any page on your website with feeds that your readers can subscribe to.

  • Comments

You can enable or disable comments for visitors to your website.

  • Notifications

WordPress can keep you posted by sending you an email each time there is a new comment or a comment awaiting moderation.

  • Intuitive URL

Every URL is plainly and beautifully written for people. What is more, it clearly outlines what your content is about instead of simply showing where it sits in a database.

  • Use a language of your choice

WordPress has been translated to more than 60 different languages, so you can create a website in a language of your own choice.

  • Transparency

WordPress creators leave the source code open so that other dedicated communities of professional developers and enthusiasts can contribute with their knowledge and can improve what is already out there.

  • It’s your data and your software

WordPress allows you to take your data with you. Moreover, it is designed in a manner which allows it to be installed on your own web server, in the cloud, or in a shared hosting account so you can access and modify everything related to your site whenever you want.

  • Templates

Choose the presentation of your own content. Editing the templates via your favourite text editor or IDE, or even the built-in Template Editor tool. 

  • Enterprise-oriented

WordPress has been adapted to different enterprise environments, and provides support for Active Directory authentication, user management, work-flow integration, and scheduled backups, along with other enterprise-based features.

  • Interconnection

WordPress uses XML-RPC, an open XML standard, that allows different systems in different environments to get connected to one another. 

  • Simple maintenance

You don’t have to be an expert in order to maintain WordPress. Installing and upgrading is as easy as ABC.

To learn some other interesting and little-known facts about this amazing content management system, please check out the infographic below.

51 Amazing Facts about WordPress – infographic

Source: Websitebuilder

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