How To: Connecting Android phones to OpenVPN Access Server

No matter what operating system or device you work with, we have an OpenVPN Server solution for all. In this guide, we will show you how to connect your Android phone to your new OpenVPN Access server in just a couple of clicks.

Step 1: Install OpenVPN Connect Client

After you buy your BGOcloud OpenVPN server, install the OpenVPN Connect Client from Google Play.
OpenVPN from Google Play

Step 2: Accepting The Self-Signed Certificate

Then go to https://<your OpenVPN Access Server IP>. You can see your IP in the e-mail we have sent you or in the client area. It will display a self-signed certificate warning. Your server generates a self-signed certificate specially for itself. Just tap on “Advanced” and then on “Proceed to … (unsafe)” to access your OpenVPN server.
Chrome Android Certificate warning, tapping on Advanced
Tapping on Proceed to....

Step 3: Entering Credentials

Then enter your credentials. For a new OpenVPN Access server, the username is “openvpn” as shown below and the password is your VPS root password. You can find them in the E-mail you received from us.
OpenVPN Access Server Login Screen

Step 4: Downloading Profile

You will be presented with clients for most OS. Since you’ve already downloaded the OpenVPN Connect Client you will need to download only the profile. Scroll a bit and tap on “Yourself (user-locked profile)”.
Downloading a user profile from the OpenVPN AS

Step 5: Importing Your Profile

Then either open the file through the client or open the file directly and it will ask you if you want to import the profile from the from it. Tap on “OK”.
Tapping on OK

Step 6: OpenVPN Access Server Profile Customizations

After that, if you want, you can change the profile name and save the user password by checking Save Password and entering it in the field below. Check Connect after import and tap on “ADD”
Setting the password and profile name


If you’ve chosen not to save your password, enter it and tap on “OK”.
Entering the password and tapping on OK

And that’s it. You can see that you are connected by the key or VPN icon on your status bar.
Android connected to the BGOCloud OpenVPN AS server

There are additional guides for OS too. Have a look at them in case you need the steps for getting started with a BGOcloud OpenVPN server on another device:
Linux(via APT):
iOS iPhone:

Take a look at our fast and secure OpenVPN Hosting and choose the appropriate plan for your needs.

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