MikroTik CHR: Upgrading to RouterOS v7 (+ video)

The new MikroTik RouterOS v7 is now faster. It’s great even for older MikroTik RouterBoards.

What’s new:
-Optimized Routing
-New BGP, now faster and has lower RAM usage.
-New User Manager
-WireGuard and ZeroTier support
-and many more…

In this article, we will show you how to upgrade your Cloud Hosted Router to the new RouterOS v7.

Here's a small video, showing the process:

When you try to upgrade through the package manager, it will be stuck to “calculating download size…”. To fix that issue we will upgrade the router by downloading the package file and sending it to our CHR.
Mikrotik Package manager update stuck to calculating download size

Go to https://mikrotik.com/download and under Cloud Hosted Router, download the latest stable main package for RouterOS v7.
Downloading RouterOS latest stable main package

After the download is finished, log in to your router with WinBox and click on “Files”
Files in Winbox

Then simply drag the downloaded routeros-7.X.X.npk to the files window in WinBox.
Dragging the file to the Winbox Files Window

After the transfer is done make sure that you’ve backed up your configuration. When you’re ready, reboot your MikroTik router by going to System>Reboot.
Rebooting your MikroTik CHR

Now your router has the latest version of RouterOS v7.
MikroTik with RouterOS v7

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