Build a website with Drag and Drop using SitePad (formerly SiteMush)

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Want to build your personal or business website on your own, but feel like don't have enough Web Development knowledge?

You didn't need to. With SitePad integrated module, you can just drag and drop graphical elements and edit texts and pages with a few clicks.

"Build Professional websites using an Easy to Use Editor and Publish static web pages 340+ Responsive Themes which cover a wide range of categories like Blog, Business, Portfolio, Restaurants, Travel and many more

40+ Widgets like Image/Video Slider, Image Galleries, Rich Text, Video, Audio, Service Box, Google Maps, Contact Form, Social Media and many more to help you build your website" *

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SitePad comes for free with's cPanel Hosting plans, and You can start creating your website right after service purchase. Check our shared hosting plans with free SitePad included.

How to use SitePad with our services

Login to your account and click "Login to cPanel":

BGOcloud client area screen

Scroll down to "Software" section, and click on "SitePad" icon:

cPanel main menu

You will be redirected to SitePad's main menu. First You need to choose a Theme to modify and customize:

Sitepad main menu

Themes gallery HERE!

Sitepad themes - screen

The themes can be changed without loss of already existing content. To change it, just navigate to the new theme, and click "Activate" button:

Sitepad theme activate

If you have more than one website hosted on the same account, you can select which one to edit, from "Sites" section:

Sitepad - Sites section

To edit page content, navigate to "Pages" section and select the page You want to edit:

Sitepad Pages Section

Sitepad page editor

SitePad page editor settings

To check compatibility with mobile devices like Tablet or Smartphone, use the "View Switch" menu, which appears on the right side of the interface:

Sitepad page editor switch views

Sitepad mobile page preview

When finishing the edits, just click "Publish" and after a few seconds your site will be uploaded and published to the web:

SitePad publish button

SitePad publish screen

Full information about SitePad's features

Sitepad Docs page

Are you ready to build your first website with SitePad and BGOcloud? Start with a hosting and domain name!

Do you want to run an online business? Start building your website today.

Get Started!
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