Manage SSL Certificates

To manage SSL certificates for your domains, You should log in the cPanel interface, and navigate to "Security" tab, and click on "SSL/TLS manager" icon.

cPanel SSL/TLS Manager

Then click on "Manage SSL Sites"

SSL/TLS Manager - cPanel

From the drop-down menu "Domains" select domain on which you want to install or modify a certificate.

On the right of this menu, a new button labeled "autofill by domain" will appear. Pressing it will check if there are existing certificates matching your domain, and if there are, the system will fill in the data from them automatically.

Install an SSL Website

If You are using a self-signed certificate, the system will remind You that this will cause browser warnings because of the untrusted issuer.

Press "Install Certificate" to complete this operation.

SSL Host Successfully Installed window

After reloading the page, You will be able to see currently installed domain certificates:

Manage Installed SSL Websites

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