VPS Rescue Mode

If You run into a trouble, You always could use a Rescue Mode.

Rescue mode provides the ability to boot a small Linux environment from another disk so that you can rescue your primary linux VPS or backup files that are present on it.

This mode could be enabled using the VPS management panel in the client area on BGOcloud.com or in VPS management center using username/password sent to You via the confirmation e-mail.


  • Select the VPS which needs to be rescued,
  • on the VPS Management tab click on "Rescue Mode" icon,
  • type the password that will be used to login in the rescue system
  • press "Enable Rescue Mode" button.

After a minute or two, the system will be rebooted in rescue mode, and You will be able to access it on the same IP/domain address with the root password that has been set in the above process. Now the original system disk will be shown as SDB, and could be recovered in any way You like.

To disable Rescue mode, go to the same setting, and just press the "Disable Rescue mode" button.

The system now is being rebooted to its normal state.

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