Forgotten VPS root password

Can't find the root password for your machine or just forgot it?

Change Password icon

It's very easy to change it with a new one! Just go to client area on or the VPS management center.

Select the VPS that is about to be reconfigured, press "Change password" button at the top, and type the new one.
Changing BGOcloud VPS password

After that you will receive a confimation that the password is changed. Reboot the VPS to apply the new root password.
Successful password change

Alternatively, you can change your password via the VPS Management center.

After opening the VPS control panel, go to the Settings tab>Change password and enter the new one.
Changing the VPS root password in the VPS Management center

The process will note you that this change will be applied AFTER the machine is rebooted! You can initiate a reboot anytime by clicking "Restart VPS" button in "Power options" tab.

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