Dedicated Servers: How Essential Are They in 2023?

essential dedicated servers in 2023

When you’re planning to use a dedicated server hosting for your business website, it’s important you know what options you have out there so you can choose the one that matches your needs the most. How is this article useful for you in this case? It will help you distinguish a really good dedicated server from the rest as we’ve gathered key data points to explore at a glance. Plus, it will show you how essential are dedicated servers in 2023.

However, when you’re not ready for it at this point, this article will still help you understand how essential dedicated servers are becoming by presenting some really valuable insights. Plus, you may just change your mind, seeing the benefits of relying on a dedicated server hosting provider and having full control over your own private server.

Questions that will be examined:

  • What exactly is dedicated hosting and dedicated server?
  • How does it compare to other hosting types?
  • Why and when would you need a dedicated server?
  • What are the benefits of BGOcloud dedicated servers?

Starting off: What Is A Dedicated Hosting?

In essence, dedicated hosting is a type of Internet hosting service that allocates a physical server (or servers) to a single customer with all of the server’s resources. What makes it such a great choice for business owners is the fact that it provides full control over the machine. Meaning the user can optimize and tweak things like performance and security for specific requirements, purposes and needs.

At A Glance: What Is A Dedicated Server & How Essential Are Dedicated Servers in 2023?

A dedicated server is a single private server that along with its features, capabilities, and parameters is solely devoted to only one user. Basically, if you have a dedicated server you are in full control of all the resources like CPU, RAM, storage, maximum loading speed, and the apps and scripts that you plan to install on your server.

Plus, you benefit from its ability to handle huge traffic without any website performance frictions, slowdowns or downtime.

How Does It Compare To Other Hosting Types?

If we are to compare a dedicated server vs a shared hosting plan for example, the differences are pretty obvious:

Shared hosting:

  • Your website lives alongside other websites;
  • Other users utilize the same server;
  • Higher security risks
  • You share all the resources;
  • Cheaper hosting plans;
  • Low technical skill requirements;
  • The maintenance costs are distributed amongst all users;
  • Usually comes with pre-installed programs to accommodate general websites needs.

Dedicated hosting:

  • It is faster, more reliable and more secure;
  • offers more resources like CPU, RAM, bandwidth and others;
  • All resources are used only by your website;
  • Sustains large, high traffic websites;
  • Better management options and ability to customize it further;
  • Higher maintenance costs.

Here’s an example that we extracted from one of our customers just recently. And it will show you how essential are dedicated servers in 2023. He used to rely on a shared hosting solution from another provider. One time, he got a huge spike in the website traffic after a marketing campaign that his team posted. As a result, his shared server exceeded its resource limits and couldn’t handle the increased traffic that landed on his page. The entire website crashed. He decided to migrate to our dedicated hosting solutions instead that is able to handle rapidly increased traffic without causing any issues.

Why And When Would You Need A Dedicated Server?

According to ITIC statistics, the top 10 issues that impact reliability and result in significant website downtime are:

ITIC statistics and reports

(ITIC statistics and report on “Security, Data Breaches Top Cause Of Downtime In 2022”)

One of the most paramount things when choosing your hosting is to get a solid base for your business website. A dedicated server is ideal in this case because it focuses on key factors like optimal operation and uptime, reliability, stability, uninterrupted accessibility, etc. And it is able to overcome the challenges highlighted above. Which is crucial for any corporate and business website. Especially in 2023 that picks up where the last year left off with all of its challenges like economic downturns, global recession, post-pandemic “aftermaths” and changes in the business and work culture.

As to when you would need a dedicated server, here are a few scenarios.

  • When your online business is set to grow and you expect millions of page hits per month.
  • In case you are storing a lot of gigabytes of data.
  • If your priority is having top-notch isolated security, increased reliability, fast site loading speed.
  • In case you have a technical background and you can more easily manage and configure the server by yourself.
  • For high-traffic websites like eCommerce websites, online stores, financial websites and others.
  • Also ideal when you plan to install programs and opt for program

Lastly, What Are The Benefits Of BGOcloud Dedicated Servers?

advantages of dedicated servers in 2023

We are proud to say that we bring dedicated servers to a whole new level, providing free ipv6 with all of our dedicated servers, cPanel hosting, OpenVZ and KVM VPS plans at affordable prices.

If you still wonder whether dedicated servers are the right choice for your needs, get familiar with some of the advantages that our dedicated hosting plans deliver.

Why To Choose One Of Our Affordable Dedicated Servers?

Because it is a flexible hosting service for those who need a solution that gives more opportunities than the traditional shared hosting. You will be the only with an access to the server, having all of the resources.

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