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Speed in the modern digital space is everything. Whether you are running an ecommerce store, a simple corporate website or a personal blog, you will want to ensure that your website loads as fast as possible. Well, website loading speed and performance are entirely determined by the hosting. In other words, if you can manage to find the fastest hosting for wordpress, then it is likely that the performance and speed of your website or your blog will be very high. So how do you get the fastest hosting for wordpress? Here are some of the most common ways:

SSD Hosting

Solid state drives have in so many ways outgrown normal HDD drives used in traditional hosting. SSD drives provide unimaginable speed levels for any website. There is no way you can get the fastest website hosting for wordpress without SSD. With that said, before you buy any hosting package, make sure it uses SSD. Additionally, solid state drives are energy efficient, stable and far more secure for data storage compared to hard disk drives.

Get a Dedicated Server

The speed of hosting on a dedicated server is also very good especially if the servers have SSD drives. The truth is shared server resources have been known to cause slow loading speeds for any website. It doesn’t matter how powerful the shared server is, it can easily get overloaded and the speed of your website will be affected. However, a dedicated server takes away all these possibilities. There is no chance of overload since the server is simply set aside for your own website. Dedicated servers provide high performance hosting with added loading speeds. BGOcloud Ltd offers a variety of fast hosting packages and you can get your own dedicated server from the provider.

Optimized WordPress Hosting

Optimized wordpress hosting is offered as an extension to the normal hosting service. Website owners can move into an optimized hosting plan whenever they feel like but one thing that makes this option perfect is the improved superiority over other hosting packages. To start with, optimized wordpress hosting is designed to meet the unique hosting needs of a specific website. Other than that, the plan offers improved website speed, better security and the performance of the whole site generally improves. The quality of optimized wordpress hosting can work for a website that needs advanced custom hosting capabilities. Besides, with optimized wordpress hosting you get technical assistance, better scalability and amazing website stability.


Speed in web hosting can be achieved through so many simple ways but the three above are the easiest ones. Additionally, whether you want SSD hosting, dedicated servers or optimized wordpress hosting, the cost difference is really small so any option is definitely recommended. At BGOcloud, we offer all the above-mentioned solutions.

We also aim to deliver high performance wordpress hosting plans to suit every client’s need.

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