How to set-up DNS and domain forwarding

When using cPanel hosting without purchasing a new or transferring an existing domain, there are a few steps to do to point the existing domain to your new Hosting.

If moving а production website, it is recommended to check whether everything is working smoothly before making changes in the DNS.

To do that, you can open your page by direct link. It is sent to You with the confirmation e-mail, and should look like:

Now login to your current domain registrar control panel, and point all needed domains and subdomains to IP:

If You want (and We suggest to) use our NS to manage domain records from Your new cPanel at BGOcloud, You should change the current NS1 and NS2 in the domain registrar to point to:

Nameserver 1: (

Nameserver 2: (

Note that any changes in the DNS system, take up to 24 hours, to be updated worldwide.

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