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The quality of wordpress hosting is directly interlinked or related with the kind of server used. Websites are hosted on servers and people can access them from there. Every server is different and comes with very unique specs. However, many hosting providers have some of the most powerful servers for web hosting. In that case, the question rarely is how powerful the server is, but how well you should utilize it for your website. Here are some of the different wordpress hosting server options and their advantages:

Dedicated Hosting Servers

Dedicated wordpress hosting servers are powerful, reliable and very efficient. If you are looking for the best server for wordpress hosting, then this is a good start. With a dedicated server hosting plan, your website is accorded with one powerful server and is hosted there alone. This gives your site the chance to explore the full power of that particular server and all the resources it has to offer. With such superior hardware, your wordpress website will definitely enjoy remarkable loading speeds, stability, added security and very high performance. Dedicated servers are however offered at a relatively higher fee and they would normally be designated for high quality and popular websites.

Cloud Virtual Servers

Cloud virtual servers offer the same capabilities as the dedicated servers. The only difference is that cloud servers are virtual while dedicated servers are physical. On the cloud system, the virtual servers are however supported by a network of other powerful and functional physical servers that are located on different locations.

Your website is allowed to utilize any server available so even if one of the physical servers supporting the cloud fails to work, your website will still be online because another server in the same network will take over. Cloud servers are very secure and technical glitches can easily be rectified from any location. If you feel cloud virtual servers are ideal for your website, get to BGOcloud today for the best cloud hosting service.

Shared Servers

Shared servers may not be the best for wordpress by any means but they still have a lot to offer. A shared server is managed by the hosting service and different websites are hosted in it. The server can host as many websites as it can. It depends on the available resources. Additionally, a shared server will be cheaper compared to a cloud virtual server or a dedicated server.

The challenge with shared servers is security. Although hosting companies have developed safety and security measures in shared hosting, you cannot get the same guarantees you get with a dedicated server. However, a lot of websites today are hosted on shared servers and to be honest, most are working just fine.

Choosing the right server for your wordpress website (wordpress hosting) will determine how good the quality of hosting will be. All servers listed above can be utilized by any wordpress sites if need be.

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