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We are excited to announce that LiteSpeed Web Server – one of the most popular web acceleration solutions, is now available to the customers of BGOcloud! LiteSpeed – the server, acting as a drop in for Apache has been outperforming the competition for years. The superfast web server goes in place of Apache, and as a lightweight web server, it will dramatically improve your website speed and performance. Are you ready to outperform the competition with our superfast LiteSpeed hosting?
LiteSpeed Cache Solution is tailored to provide the best performance in a shared hosting environment, thus accelerating you WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, or custom website. All BGOcloud shared hosting plans and servers utilize LiteSpeed Web Server. And statistics show it is up to 800% faster than Apache while serving static website content and up to 60% faster when serving PHP requests.

When you install LiteSpeed Web Server it will take your Apache settings and processes them thanks to its event-driven architecture. This will allow for faster responses and efficient memory consumption. Subsequently, the server can go to as far as eight times faster and handle the concurrent client with less CPU usage.

Why use LiteSpeed Hosting from BGOcloud


Let’s start by saying it is 100% compatible with anything that works under Apache. We have LiteSpeed Web Server and the LiteSpeed plugin for WHM (Web Host Manager) so it is straightforward to enable it. The transition is fast, and no downtime should be expected. Apache features, including mod_rewrite, .htaccess, and mod_security are all compatible with LiteSpeed and it can load Apache configuration files directly.


Furthermore, LiteSpeed will protect your servers with mod_security rules while also enable built-in features that protect you from DDoS attacks.  Namely, the per-IP connection, request, and bandwidth throttling will make IPs that make too many connections or ask for too much bandwidth to be blocked, stopping attackers before they overrun the server. LiteSpeed Web Server also handles distributed attacks because of the scalability it offers.


The most significant benefit, however, is that LiteSpeed Web Server is event-driven. To explain it simply, it would be to say that it handles a large number of requests quickly with fewer processes. To get a further understanding of the technology, take a look at the interesting analogy LiteSpeed makes – that using the service is like a coffee shop. This innovative technology will improve the performance of your website and it would be able to handle many requests at a time, without suffering from execution issues. LiteSpeed serves static content faster than other web servers. It will also increase PHP performance because of its custom PHP LiteSpeed API.

According to the benchmark made by LiteSpeed where they compare LiteSpeed vs. Apache on cPanel hosting, LiteSpeed is much more efficient. It uses less RAM, generates less server load and has a significantly lower response time. This statistics shows that LiteSpeed not only makes your website faster, but also saves the resources of your shared hosting plan.

Improved TTFB (Time to First Byte) with LiteSpeed Hosting from BGOcloud

Time to first byte is an often overlooked metric, which is a pity, as it can improve your user experience. This metric measures the time it takes for the browser to receive the very first byte of a response from the web server when you request a particular website URL. The faster it is, the better for your customers and search engine ranking. By implementing LiteSpeed, BGOcloud improves the server response time for its hosting users and decreases the overall latency of the system. Thus helping you improve your SEO optimization.

The LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin

Installing the LiteSpeed Plugin for your WordPress will give you server-level full-page cache. The plugin will communicate directly with LiteSpeed Web Server that you have installed from cPanel and will store static copies of dynamically-generated web pages. The crawler that the plugin has will go through the site, refreshing pages that have expired in the cache.

Image optimization, Database Optimization, and CSS, JavaScript, or HTML Minification are other features that will drastically improve the performance of your website. You can see how LiteSpeed Cache compares to other popular caching plugins on a WordPress website.

LiteSpeed outperforming AQpache

And on this graph you see how LiteSpeed outperforms Apache for your Magento website.

LiteSpeed vs. Apache on Magento

Image source: LiteSpeed Blog

Not sure how to use LiteSpeed? Check our knowledge base article!

Our skilful system administrators have prepared a detailed knowledge base article for you explaining how to take advantage of LiteSpeed. If you still experience difficulties, do not hesitate to get in touch with us and our support team will help.

At BGOcloud we continuously look for new ways and technologies to help you build the website of your dreams. The LiteSpeed technology has proved itself as one of the best ways to boost the performance of websites. Quickly enabling the technology from your cPanel and installing the LiteSpeed Plugin will fix the performance issues your website might be having totally for free.

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